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South African insurance company

Challenge presented

A well-known South African insurance company was going to enter India. But their method of establishing their footprint was quite different. By entering into a JV with a well-known player in the direct selling market, they hoped to take advantage of their multi-level marketing network.

Methodology adopted

Careerist had, a few years previously in 1998, already partnered the direct selling organisation with whom the insurance company had formed an alliance. As a result, we had the distinct advantage of deep knowledge and insights of the channels adopted in the multi-level marketing plan. The challenge of finding the right skill sets from still existed though, because the product segment was entirely different from the channel of selling. The JV had a corporate agency model in place, designed to ensure focus on selling the concept while taking advantage of the distribution channel.

Careerist undertook the responsibility of screening, connecting with and short listing some top-notch professionals who presented just the right profile fit.

In fact, even quite a bit of product training was imparted to the candidates to ensure retention and good performance once they joined the organisation.


A talented and successful team was thus built, who then went on to create an impressive high-performing track record despite coming from seemingly different backgrounds (since there were no set benchmarks at the time of hiring).